Why Hire a Professional Proofreader?

Proofreading is the necessary step that enables you to make the best impression.
Hiring a professional proofreader ensures you have a TRAINED eye on your work.
It’s our superpower.


Typing faster than a speeding bullet, when people are talking just as fast is a court reporter’s superpower. 

However, time can still be your kryptonite and a professional proofreader, like myself, can give you some of that time back so you can dash to the next job and make more income.

I offer regular, rush, and expedited transcript proofing.  See my Rates page for specifics on rates.

All Other Proofreading Work

Have a job that doesn’t fit into the above categories such as a dissertation, a thesis, an executive report, a portfolio or an e-book?  I am happy to help!  Oftentimes, when you author a document, your brain autocorrects what you wrote while reading it to yourself.  I have those trained eagle eyes to spot those errors.  I can also help with copy editing depending on the type of job.  Just contact me to get started or check out my Linkedin page to learn more. 


The job market is competitive.  Letters and resumes have to be customized for every application.  A flawless cover letter and resume can make a difference between the top of the pile or the bottom of the trashcan.  And now, a LinkedIn profile, depending on the position is essential.  I can help with all of these.

Why not gain peace of mind by hiring me instead of leaving it to chance that you found all those pesky mistakes.  I not only provide proofreading but also editing/rewriting services for your resume and cover letter. 

No resume and cover letter?  I also provide resume and cover letter writing services as well.  Need help with your LinkedIn profile?  I can revise your profile and provide important consultation that will enable your profile to become a real asset in your job search.

For rates and more information, see my Rates page.

Still Not Sure?

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